Countless Opportunities For Everyone In the Sharing Economy

Did you know that the Sharing Economy is growing rapidly and offers new ways of working and entrepreneurship?  No?  Well, that’s exactly why we’re focussing on this exciting and increasingly important sector.  You have probably heard of Airbnb and TaskRabbit, both of which are larger well-established businesses in the sharing economy, but there are many, many more!  The possibilities are endless – from unlocking the value of assets (and earning income from them); to trading of skills, space and materials; to sustainability; to connecting with communities.  This all sounds fantastic for entrepreneurs and gig workers alike, so we chatted to Juliet Eccleston, chair of Sharing Economy UK to find out more.  You can get the lowdown here.

During the last week there has been increasing speculation that the Chancellor’s Budget (due on 3 March 2021) should include measures to even up the tax and NICs generated by self-employed people, bringing them closer to those of employees.  However, there is the usual confusion of not comparing like for like, i.e. employers NICs in relation to employees, and the corporation tax, VAT and dividend tax paid by limited company contractors.  Any perceived equalising of tax rates might seem unthinkable given the very large number of forgotten groups who have received no COVID-19 financial support to date, but according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies this fact should not prevent action: 

“The government has struggled to get support to some of the self-employed during this crisis. But that doesn’t mean we should permanently keep across-the-board preferential tax rates for business owner-managers.”  

The Chancellor is under increasing pressure to provide COVID-19 financial support to the forgotten groups, so I would expect unprecedented levels of outcry in response to any proposals to tax them more at this time.  

Given the pandemic-driven increase in worker exploitation (such as fake job scams, forced self-employment, reduced employment rights) I was surprised that the BEIS Director of Labour Market Enforcement position is to be vacant for at least 3 months following the end of Matthew Taylor’s tenure.  It seems a strange decision given that Taylor offered to continue in the role (unpaid if necessary), and given that the government is aware of the problems within the labour market.  In practical terms this means that, without a director in post the labour market enforcement office cannot say anything publicly, engage stakeholders or produce reports.  Effectively this will further delay many of the commitments in the Good Work Plan, which we analyse in more detail here.

Lastly, I was delighted to join the expert panel on an IR35 webinar hosted by CXC Global last week.  It was a great event with lots of practical information on how businesses should prepare for April’s changes, what is an SDS, what is reasonable care, what are the risks, and what happened when similar legislation was introduced to the public sector.  You can watch the recording here.


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