Elevate Advance

Elevate is committed to looking after the financial wellbeing of its contractors. When cashflow gets tricky, Elevate are here to help. We can arrange for a portion of your wages; due on the next pay day, to be paid early.

  • It is not a PAY DAY loan
  • There is no interest
  • There is no credit search

It is the money that you have already earned being paid a little earlier than usual.

As long as you have a pay history with Elevate or an approved timesheet, you can receive as little as £20.00, and up to 50% of your net pay to be in your bank account within minutes.

You can also take out more than one advance per week.

How to apply

Simply fill out the request form below. Remember, in order to gain approval, you need a few weeks track record of payslips with Elevate or an approved timesheet with your agency.


    • Is this a loan?

      No. The advance is for wages already earned; it is not a loan, and there is no interest charged. The service is merely speeding up the payment process for pay that the you already have a legal right to.

    • Is a credit search carried out?

      No, as no money is being lent; the service simply provides an early payment service for the money you have already earned.

    • How long does it take to receive the money?

      The advance will credit your account within an hour. A request can be made Monday to Friday between 9:00-17:00.

    • How much of my wages can I ask for?

      Elevate Advance can provide up to 50% of your average net salary (the minimum amount is £20.00). You can also take out more than one advance in a pay period. This means that you could get an advance on multiple weekdays or on an ad hoc basis.

    • What happens if your application is fraudulent?

      It is considered fraud if you supply incorrect information on application. If the payslip does not cover the amount asked for further action may be taken, and this can lead to a County Court Judgment or criminal record.

    • Can I put my advance into a different bank account?

      No, the advance must go into the same bank account as your wages.

      For example,

      Robert has been with Elevate for 4 weeks, and his average net pay is £350.00 per week.

      Being eligible, Robert can have an advance of up to £175.00, but Robert decides that he only wants to take out £100.00

      The administration fee is 5%, which in this case is £5.00
      Elevate will transfer £95.00 into Robert’s bank account and this is will be deduced from his next wage payment.


    Don’t just take our word for it, here are just a few of the comments we’ve received so far

    • Avatar

      Elevate is a fantastic payroll service, knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and efficient. As an agency worker I have had dealings with many payroll companies and elevate is by far the best and I have never had a problem, would recommend to everyone and I will only continue to use Elevate as there is never any hassle.

      D. Andrews
    • Avatar

      I have been with Elevate for some time now, and I have always been paid on time. I have never had any problems at all, and they have been amazing whilst going through the difficult time of Covid-19. I can’t thank them enough.

      S. Wells
    • Avatar

      Elevate payroll are extremely professional and when any problem is found they are personal and help until a good conclusion, they were my preferred payroll company whilst I was working in Swindon on an office refurbishment.
      I would recommend elevate to anyone around Wiltshire/Swindon area and I would like to be paid by them again in the future
      Professional and personal at the same time; fantastic.

      M. Lock
    • Avatar

      I approached Daniel at Elevate to help me payroll a good size cohort of contractors. Daniel was always super helpful; thinking outside the box and coming up with ideas to support not just the contactors but for me as well. Daniel is always upfront; honest; flexible and above all, put my contractors at the forefront by always working hard to ensure they were paid on time or even early in most cases which always went down really well with the guys thus creating a better working environment. The team at Elevate have been readily available for any urgent queries and have been able to offer some great guidance. My contractors have valued being with Elevate and all of them hope to be able to stay with Elevate moving forward.
      I would go nowhere else to payroll now. I have been approached by many for the business; and its clear to me that Daniel will not only work over and above to maintain excellent customer/client services but will do so with the upmost integrity.
      We genuinely feel like a partnership has been formed and wish all the best to Elevate and the team.

      Operations Director