Finally, will there be financial support for the various forgotten groups?

Today’s latest ONS labour market statistics are unsurprising with 800,000 fewer people on payroll in December 2020 compared to pre-pandemic in February 2020, and unemployment has risen to 5%.  Furthermore, job vacancies have been falling in the last couple of months.  With businesses under continued pressure there is increased risk of their workforce being exploited, and the TUC reports a growing trend in “fire and rehire” tactics with almost 1 in 10 workers having to re-apply for their jobs but with less favourable terms and conditions. 

Here at IWORK, we are aware of even more exploitative moves with employers forcing their staff to become self-employed or lose their jobs; meaning that their workers then have zero statutory rights or benefits.  An alarming trend, so we talk to employment status specialist Rebecca Seeley Harris about the legal implications, you can listen in full here.  Please forward on to anyone that might be in a similar situation. 

Rebecca is also the person behind two COVID-19 financial support policies for forgotten self-employed people currently being considered by the government – DISS and TIGS.  DISS is Directors Income Support Scheme and is similar to the Self Employed Income Support Scheme allowing directors to claim 80% of their trading profits before dividends were taken, and TIGS is Targeted Income Grant Scheme which would give a one-off grant to those that qualify, including newly self-employed and PAYE freelancers.  These were debated last night in Parliament, and Jesse Norman MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, confirmed that they are being considered.  We will keep you updated.

In a follow up to other podcasts discussing the loan charge, I chatted to Steve Packham, founder of the Loan Charge Action Group to dispel the myth that victims are themselves tax avoiders.  This rhetoric continues to be pedalled by people who should know better, including some from within my own professional network in response to my interview with a victim.  So this week we give the Loan Charge Action Group a right to reply with their informed view, you can listen here

Don’t forget that another significant workforce policy change is almost upon us – off-payroll reforms are coming in April 2021.  I’m delighted to be speaking at CXC Global’s webinar on Thursday to discuss the off-payroll changes, the implications, risks, and what exactly businesses need to do to make sure they are ready.  If you fancy joining us for this interactive session, you can register here.


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